Onshore base facilities

ESVAGT - Safety and support at sea

ESVAGT’s Base is located around the Dock Harbor (Dokhavnen) in Esbjerg and includes Office, Workshop and Logistics facilities from where we manage all operations. ESVAGT has first claim at the quayside at the inner section of the harbor, where the crew change vessels are moored.


1. Office

ESVAGT A/S moved in August 2014 into a brand new office building at Dokvej 4, 6700 Esbjerg – a company owned building, which offers 1,860 m2 facilities with offices and conference rooms. In addition, the Workshop and Logistics departments have separate office facilities at Nordre Dokkaj 7, which offers another 700 m2.

The offices are equipped with the latest IT facilities, including possibilities for video conferences.

From these facilities the day-to-day operation and contact to the vessels is performed. The office is manned 08:00-16:00 on weekdays. After office hours, during weekends and holidays the telephone is answered by the duty officer.


2. Logistics

Right next to the Office, ESVAGT has 5,365 m2 combined Workshop and Logistics facilities, offering the most efficient and optimum conditions for our operation

The building was acquired by ESVAGT in 2014 and has been rebuilt. The building consists of three independent warehouses. From here the fleet is serviced with stores and spare parts, and a variety of vital parts and components are kept in stock to ensure swift response in case of breakdowns. 


Logistic Area 600 m2
Storage/spare part area 1,200 m2
Outdoor stock area 2,000 m2




3. Crew Centre

The Logistics building also houses welfare and meeting rooms for offshore crews used mainly during crew changes. The crew change vessels’ dedicated berths are located just outside the buildings.


4. Workshop

The building was acquired by ESVAGT in 2014 and has been rebuilt into workshop facilities tailored for boat new buildings, service, repairs and administration offices for workshop supervisors.

Our staff of five technicians primarily perform yearly overhaul and service of all ESVAGT FRB (Fast Rescue Boats), MOB-boats, Daughter Crafts and ESVAGT STB (Safe Transfer Boats), ensuring best achievable performance of the boats.


Reception area 85 m2
Boat workshop 840 m2
Engine workshop with test tank 95 m2
Welding/gluing/painting/sanding workshop 85 m2
Survival suit workshop and laundry 110 m2
Spare part facilities for boats 250 m2
Office and changing room facilities 100 m2